Microgaming Ruby Casino Queen slot Overview

Ruby, a Microgaming release from Casino Queen, is all about luxury and beauty. With its velvet background that transitions into gold for each reel turn in this slot machine designed by RTP Technology Ltd., one can’t help but think of royalty when playing it! There are 20 pay lines available with 5 reels – enough bet sizes to test out your luck at any level you choose or see what happens during an automatic.

Game Symbols

When you play at the Ruby Casino, it’s not just about winning money. The Queen of Diamonds is your best bet-she’ll reward players with up to 20 times their wager if they land on her card! Other symbols include gold 7’s and clubs as well; these all have different values that depend upon where they fall in relation t other players’ holdings, so check out our website for more info: rainbowhealth.ca

How to Play Ruby Casino Queen

Wilds are the key to getting lucky in slots. There are three different types, each with its unique feature that can help you out! For example, if Landing Sticky Wild will award up 1200x your bet, then landing two of them on reels 2 through 4 equals 2400 extra spins–and this isn’t even counting what happens when they’re scattered across all five positions instead, like during bonus rounds or re-spins (which also happen whenever we get to space). But don’t forget about those handy little scatters; just one symbol records four possible combinations, so there might always be some form.

How to Play Ruby Casino Queen

After placing your bet within the range of 10p to $50, spin reels and if you are lucky enough, then earn two free spins scatters symbols. The game offers a bonus where the third reel will give 9 more turns with an additional 2x multiplier when landing three or more scattered images!

With the wild multiplier, you can win up to x6 in each round. If it appears on each reel of your spin, then expect 3 more free spins!

Bonus Features

You can activate free spins by landing the symbols “free spin” or sticky wilds. This will give you more opportunities to win, allowing your bet to increase multipliers!

Hit the jackpot with a Lucky 38! Multipliers- if you are lucky enough to land multipliers on all four reels, your winnings will spike up 6411X higher than what was originally wagered.

Ruby Casino Queen on Mobile

Like most Microgaming casino games, this game is optimized to ensure that all the features, including graphics and visuals, are compatible with your screen size.


This slot has some unique features that offer incredible gameplay. The wild bonus multipliers are highly rewarding and can even give off a possible win up to 2400 times your bet! Apart from all these great rewards, enjoy the excitement of meeting an actual queen in this casino’s game.