Overview of the Reel Splitter Slot

Microgaming is a world-renowned provider of online casino games. JFTW, an independent developer before partnering with Microgaminhating, began to build its portfolio in 2017 actively and today boasts some great slots titles, including Shogun Of Time (done jointly), Reel Talent Rain Brew, SideWinder Amazing Aztecs Lucky Links, Icy Gems, Goldwyn’s Fairies Temple Of Tut.


This Sweden-based developer has teamed up with some of the biggest names in gaming to create an experience that will be both exciting and rewarding.

The futuristic Reel Splitter has a modern feel you won’t find anywhere else. You can enjoy these slots with all your favourite fruit and poker symbols, but there’s more than meets the eye! When it comes to bonus features or visuals – they’re designed for players of today who want something fresh instead of old-fashioned charm The unusual slot machine begins as simply classic: filled with various icons such as oranges (fruit)and poker sharks (playing cards). However, upon closer inspection, one will discover how beautifully intricate each symbol was drawn.

Reel Splitter is a slot machine with many benefits, including an expanded reel system and free spins round. If you land 4 matching symbols during base gameplay or while in the extra spinning reels for locked combinations (which can be unlocked by hitting another win), then your fifth grouping will trigger this cool feature where wilds pop up on all five. Rank spaces at once! You’ll get more chances to splurge with stacked multipliers, too–so don’t forget about playing responsibly.

Design and Game Symbols

The design of this slot machine is crisp and clean, giving it a sleek look. We mentioned the classic fruit symbols, which include plums, cherries, lemons, and kiwi fruits, as well as standard poker cards representing low paying category in terms of payoffs, but most importantly, there’s the Reel Splitters logo that can be found on every reel causing them all to split into separate paylines when five matching icons appear together at once!


The scatter symbol is a wild card that can substitute for other symbols, but it shines most when appearing on the third reel during free spin rounds. There’s always more opportunity to win!

The expanded reel structure gives you more chances to win!

You can expect a payout of 2717 times your bet size if you invest in this game. It’s published RTP is 96%.


In the game, there is a 0.01-10 line bet which translates to 10 coins per spin and a maximum of 100 on each reel during special features like Reel Splitter Respin or Free Spins Bonus round, where it will split into two rows; 5 whole reels with 81 ways layout before escalating further still when reaching 243 possible positions across all five rows after these additions are made!

Reel Splitter Respin Feature

The fifth reel will come into the equation, taking up a position on your game interface. This new space is where you can find all of those bonus awards waiting to land four matches in the combo! There are 243 ways to match up, which means there has about an equal chance at them as well- though not quite so high as with some other games out there who seem intent on making sure their payouts stay sky high no matter what happens after someone misses one bet or two during gameplay.

The Free Spins Bonus Round

There are a lot of free games that can be triggered when you land at least 3 symbols on the reels. You’ll have 8 for 2 scatter triggers and 16 more if additional scatters appear between those two positions during gameplay–a total possible amount upwards of 24! The bonus round takes Place with an expanded reel system featuring 5 slots alongside 243 pay lines where payout odds will always go both ways (even though they’re usually only favourable towards Place). Stacked wilds happen uniquely once per turn; meaning players must match the same+coloured symbol(s) anywhere across its surface.

Reel Splitter Mobile Play

You can enjoy Reel Splitter and other Just For The Win releases from your smartphone or tablet. Their games are highly polished, giving a mobile play as fluidly smooth as any other platform!

Old School Theme Rekindled

The new 2019 release is a sleek and elegant game with crisp graphics. The Respin feature allows you to get back into play after an interruption, while the locked reels make it easier for those who are just starting or may not yet know how this machine works best! With poor payouts from regular symbols (4 wins in the match?), but exception sounds sweet when played against your favourite logo – our advice would be to keep playing.

There’s a chance that you will be lucky with this slot, and it’s concentrated in free spins round. You’ll have an expanded reel system which pays both ways during your play on them! There are stacked wild symbols throughout the feature, as well as 243 different ways to line up symbols for victory, so there isn’t any shortage when trying out new slots online at Vegas Casino utilizing their services today!